About me

Since my Photoblog got its first entry in May 2007 I try to publish new photos here relatively regularly. Thematically, there are not actually any restrictions - however, my favorites lie in the area of cityscapes, landscapes, people and horses.

I live and work in Marburg an der Lahn, a small town near Frankfurt in the middle of Germany. I like to do sports beside the activity of the photography and am enthusiastic horse rider.

Why I drive a Photoblog? Because photos are there to being shown. And because the thoughts and opinions of other people about my photos interest me. And because it makes fun. And because of the possibility to get know new technologies and software tools (like HDRI or Microsoft's HD View).

To find out more about this site, getting prints or licensing and how to get in touch, expand any of the sections below for more details:

Altogether this Photoblog is online for 3453 days and includes 1735 photos.

Technical Details

I have build these sides based on Microsoft ASP.NET-Technology. A Microsoft SQL Server is used as a database. Structure and content are held bilingual (german and english). A switch between the languages is possible for every web side. Beside this the layout can be changed between a light and a dark theme. The look and feel of the site is adapted from time to time - for comparison purposes here the first version, the style of the end of 2007, the version 2008 and the version 2009.

At the moment, I use a Nikon D700, kindest with the lense AF-S 24-70mm. I shoot in RAW+JPEG format and post-process my digital images with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Beside this I use occasionally the software tools PTgui (Panorama), Photomatix Pro (HDR) and Microsoft Deep Zoom Composer.

Further places you can find my photos

Photo Friday:
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Photo Friday "Big and Small", 07/2009 - Noteworthy Selection
Photo Friday "Isolation", 03/2009 - Noteworthy Selection

See It Sunday:
See It Sunday "Grey", 43/2009 - Noteworthy Selection
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See It Sunday "Mother", 10/2008 - Noteworthy Selection
See It Sunday "Animal", 06/2008 - Noteworthy Selection

You Tube:
You Tube "pummelvision.com", 01/2011 - All of them
You Tube "pummelvision.com", 01/2011 - Caius Do - The First Year

Links & Inspirations

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I take part in various weekly photo challenges like See It SundayTwo 4 Tuesday, Thursday ChallengePhoto FridayShutterday.comKApix.

Buying a Print

If you are interested in purchasing a print, drop me a line. Just let me know the name ot the image and what size you are thinking about. Prints are available for most of the images.

Copyright & Licensing

If you want to use an image for commercial purposes or want to purchase a print, feel free to contact me, so we can figure something out.
If you want to use one of my images for a blog post, no problem! Just credit me and link to my site, that's all you have to do. Thanks!

Contact Me & Facebook

Any questions? Please get in touch. If you'd like to know more about me, you can check out my Facebook profile.